The path pattern to match. Objects which path matches this pattern activate the Path node. The pattern can either be a Lua pattern or a Posix regex, depending on the Poxis RegEx flag. An object path is its hierarchy concatenated with '|' characters, for instance "hero|render_group|head" For example:

  • concrete matches any path containing 'concrete', for instance 'root|building|concrete_group|shape' or 'root|building|concrete'
  • ^root matches any path starting by 'root', for instance 'root|building|concrete_group|shape' or 'root1|shape12'
  • window$ matches any path ending by 'window', for instance 'root|glass|obj_window' or 'root1|floor|window', but not 'geo|obj_window_A'
  • . represents all charaters
  • %a represents all letters, %u represents all uppercase letters and %l represents all lowercase letters
  • %d represents all decimal digits, from 0 to 9
  • Any character (or character class) followed by * matches any number of this character (0 included), for instance %u* matches any sequence of uppercase characters (an empty sequence is accepted)
  • Any character (or character class) followed by + matches one or more, for instance %d+ matches any sequence of at least one digit
  • window%d* matches 'root|floor|window12' or 'root|floor|window_12' (because * can match 0 occurence)
  • window%d+ matches 'root|floor|window12' but doesn't match 'root|floor|window_12'
  • .+ represents all strings with at least one character. This is the pattern used in the Path node of a new RenderGraph for selecting all scene graph nodes.


Restrict the filter to a specific SubPrimitive Id.

Posix RegEx

Use Posix regular expression for path instead of simpler Lua patterm. When checked, the patter is matched with Posix regular expressions instead of Lua patterns.