Light overridesΒΆ

Using the RenderGraph/LightOverride RenderGraph node, you can override the light attributes (Color, Diffuse, Specular, Intensity or Exponent) for a selection of objects. It is then super easy to tweak the lighting for specific objects.

Different light overrides on the Sphere object : No override, a Color override, a Diffuse override, a Specular override, an Intensity override and an Exponent override.

Override the light color for a specific object

The light is white for all the objects, overridden to red only for the sphere object.

  1. Add a RenderGraph/LightOverride node.
  2. Put the name of the light to override in the LightOverride > Light attribute.
  3. Add a color attribute named Color (or choose Color from the left dorp down list.)

  4. Add a RenderGraph input node to select the objects on which the light will be overridden (Sphere in this exemple). Make it flow in the LightOverride node.
  5. Merge those nodes in your RenderGraph in Override.