Render GraphΒΆ

A RenderGraph is a nodal graph that describes the rendering properties of the objects and lights of the scene. The rendering aspect of the objects are expressed as attributes, and can be controlled by the RenderGraph. For instance, the sideness of the objects is controlled by the Geometry > Opposite attribute (switch this to flip the surface sideness) and by the Geometry > Double Sided attribute (activate this to render both sides.) The graph represents a flow of attributes, from left (inputs) to right (output). The RenderGraph can:

  • Modify any object attributes like the sideness, the subdivision
  • Assign materials and tweak the material properties, textures and subshaders
  • Put the objects in sets to control the light linking, the shadow linking, the trace linking and the layering.
  • Control the light attributes.
  • Override the light attributes per object.