A RenderPass can be split into several Layers, each can render a different set of objects. During rendering of the RenderPass, all Layers are rendered at the same time.

Setting which objects to render in a Layer

In the RenderGraph, connect a flow to the visible input of a Layer node. In the Render Layer attribute, dial in the name of the Layer to render into.

Rendering objects as Matte (or Holdouts, Back holes)

In the RenderGraph, connect a flow to the matte input of a Layer node. Set the Render Layer attribute to the Layer to render matte into.

Disabling a Layer rendering

You can disable the rendering of a whole Layer by either:

  • Checking the Disabled attribute of its properties
  • Switching the first checkbox in the Passes view, on the row corresponding to the Layer

Rendering only a set of Layers

Alternatively, you can also 'solo' one or several Layers by click the 'S' button in the Passes view.

When a Layer is soloed, all non soloed Layers are disabled for rendering. Moreover, non rendering Layers are displayed in light grey.

Duplicating a Layer in a RenderPass

To duplicate a Layer, simply click the '+' button at the far right in the Passes view.