Using CoalitionΒΆ


Install Guerilla on each render nodes.

Install the Coalition Worker on all the computer of the render farm. You will find a distribution of Coalition here. Then, install one Coalition Server. Start the server and the workers. The workers should locate automatically the server.

On the workers, set the GUERILLA environment variable with the guerilla installation path (default is /usr/local/guerilla/).

A farm can be heterogenous, i-e, composed of computers under Windows or Linux.

Setup Guerilla for Coalition

In Guerilla, go to "Preferences > Local Settings > Render Farm > Coalition" to setup the coalition server.

  • Server Host : the hostname of the server or its ip.
  • Server Port : the port of the server (default is 19211).
  • Open : open the server monitor page in a web browser.
Those settings, as all the local settings, will be saved on the local computer and not in the document.

Your Guerilla is ready to submit the renders to the farm !