Installing GuerillaΒΆ


Run the Guerilla Render installer and follow the installing process. If you don't have Autodesk Maya®, please uncheck the Maya to Guerilla components at the begining.

Install the licence server only if you pourchased some network licences.

If you install Guerilla on a network, make sure to access it with a network drive (like E:\Guerilla Render) and not a UNC path (like \\Server\Guerilla Render). Because of some windows CMD.exe limitations, Guerilla won't work properly if it is run from a UNC location.


Open a command prompt into the folder where the Guerilla Render archive is stored and type :

tar -xzf guerilla_render_X.X.X_Linux64.tar.gz
cd guerillarender
sudo ./install

Then follow the installation process. Guerilla is installed by default in '/usr/local/guerilla'. The configuration file is stored in '/usr/local/guerilla/guerilla.conf'.