The Guerilla Export process can be invoked directly from a mel script for export automation.


Runs the export process of the current scene into a Guerilla project and its associated files.


-mode MODE

Selects the export mode. Acceptable values for MODE are:
  • 1: Export Cache, export the Maya scene in a Guerilla cache (.ghostproject and .ghostdata files)
  • 2: Create New Guerilla Project, export the Maya scene in a Guerilla cache (.ghostproject and .ghostdata files) and create a new .gproject file that references this cache.

-projectFile PROJECTFILE

Indicates the Guerilla project (.gproject) file to write with -mode=2. In batch mode, this argument must be provided.

-cacheFile CACHEFILE

Indicates the Guerilla cache (.ghostproject) to write with -mode=1 and -mode=2. A .ghostdata file will also be written with the same path. In batch mode, this argument must be provided.

-action ACTION

Selects the action to do after the export is done. In order for those actions to work, the GuerillaNode.Filename must be filled with the path to the Guerilla project to open.

Acceptable values for ACTION are:
  • 1: DoNothing, does nothing (default)
  • 2: Open, opens the exported project in Guerilla
  • 3: BatchRender, starts a batch render of the project
  • 4: FarmRender, submit jobs to the renderfarm. Assumes the renderfarm is correctly setuped

-framesToExport FRAMES

Selects which frames to be exported. Acceptable values for FRAMES are:
  • 1: CurrentTimeline, exports the current timeline (default)
  • 2: CurrentFrame, exports only the current frame
  • 3: CustomRange, exports a custom range to define with -cr/-customRange

-customRange FIRST LAST

Indicate the custom frame range to be exported. FIRST is the first frame, LAST is the last frame of the range.


Enables interactivity with the GuerillaExport command, such as file selectors, dialog boxes.

-exportSubdivAttrs EXPORT_SUBDIV_ATTR

Indicates if the object sudbivision attributes have to be exported.
  • 0: Don't export the subdivision attributes
  • 1: Export the subdivision attributes (default)


Indicates if the nurbs curves geometry has to be exported. The nurbs curve node is exported anyway.
  • 0: Don't export the nurbs curves geometry (default)
  • 1: Export the the nurbs curves geometry
The exported attributes are :
  • displaySmoothMesh
  • smoothUVs
  • keepBorder
  • boundaryRule
  • keepHardEdge
  • useSmoothPreviewForRender
  • smoothLevel
  • renderSmoothLevel

-createGuerillaReferences CREATE

Create references in the guerilla project for every references found in the Maya scene in order to reference the work previously done in Guerilla on the referenced assets. To be created in Guerilla, the references must have been exported to Guerilla first, and having their GuerillaNode.Filename attributes filled with the path to their Guerilla project.
  • 1: Create the Guerilla references (default)
  • 0: Don't create the Guerilla references

-yetiasribbox RIBBOX

Export the Yeti nodes as RibBoxes or dedicated Yeti nodes.
  • 1: Export as RibBoxes. (default)
  • 0: Export as Yeti nodes. The Yeti nodes must be cached. (new)

Typical usage

Export a Guerilla project from Maya

mayaBatch -file "a/path/to/my/" -command "GuerillaExport -m 2 -pf \"a/path/to/my/project.gproject\" -cf \"a/path/to/my/project.ghostproject\""
  • -m 2: Create a new guerilla project and a cache file.

Export only the Guerilla cache from Maya

mayaBatch -file "a/path/to/my/" -command "GuerillaExport -m 1 -cf \"a/path/to/my/project.ghostproject\""
  • -m 1: Export a Guerilla cache