Prepare DataΒΆ

Some tags available from the Maya to Guerilla plug-in can be used to control the export process.

To add a tag to a set of objects, select them and choose the tag you want in the Guerilla "Tag Selection" menu.

Once added to an object, the tags can be modified in the Extra Attributes of the transform of the object.


  • On (default) : the object will be exported.
  • Off : the object and its children won't be exported.

Bake Geometry

Control the geometry of the exported objects.
  • automatic (default) : the object geometry bake mode is automatically assumed from its type and/or other situations (and evaluated in this order):
    • particle systems are treated as full deform
    • ShaveAndAHairCut nodes are treated as deform
    • PaintFX nodes are treated as none
    • curves nodes are treated as none
    • nodes with deformers are treated as deform
    • nodes from a reference without geometryTransform in history are treated as reference
    • in any other case, nodes are treated as rigid
  • rigid : the object geometry will be exported only once for the whole baking range.
  • deform : the object topology will be exported once and the vertices and the normals will be exported at each frame.
  • full deform : the object geometry will be exported at each frame.
  • reference : the object will use the geometry from its referenced file. The object must be from a referenced file. Note that if a referenced object transform is frozen/reset, the referenced object position will be misplaced in Guerilla.
  • none : the object geometry won't be exported. It will not be rendered.

Motion Blur Steps

Control how many steps of motion blur will be exported for an object.

For a rigid or a deform object, only a single step is enough to get motion blur in Guerilla. For a full deform object, like a particle system, at least 2 steps are requiered to get motion blur in Guerilla.

More than 1 step can help to solve motion blur issues like rotating objects.

The steps time are computed using the Shutter Open and the Shutter Close attributes defined in the GuerillaNode.

For example, if Shutter Open = 0, Shutter Close = 0.4 and Motion Blur Steps = 3, the animation will be computed for each frame at the times [frame+0, frame+0.2, frame+0.4].

Export No Deform Geometry

If this tag is true, the object vertices without any deformers applied will also be exported for this object. Those "non deformed positions" are required by some procedurals like "Fur" and "HairAndFurMultiplier".

  • Off (default) : only the transform of the object will produce motion blur.
  • On : the transform and the deformations of the object will produce motion blur.

Attributes To Export

This tag is used to export additionnal attributes from an object. Put the attributes names you want to export separated by commas. Only scalars, vectors and strings can be exported. Those attributes will be baked and available in Guerilla.