Supported FeaturesΒΆ

Supported Shapes

Curves yes
Polygons yes
Subdivisions yes
Fluids only 3D fluids
Nurbs yes
PaintFX yes
Shave And Haircut yes
Realflow Polygon shapes and particles


If you want to render a PaintFX stroke as polygons, use the Maya command "Convert PaintFX To Polygons". The PaintFX strokes can also be exported as curves. By default, the curves are not exported, you have to tag the PaintFX stroke node explicitly with the "Bake Geometry" Tag.


The curves can be exported and rendered in Guerilla as individual curves. By default, the curves geometry is not exported, you have to tag them explicitly with the "Bake Geometry" Tag.

Supported Particle Systems

Blobby yes
Clouds exported as spheres
Point yes
Sprites yes
Spheres yes
Streaks yes
Multi Streaks yes
Multi Sprites yes
Multi Point yes

The particles type can be modified in Guerilla after an export. The following the particle attributes can be exported :

Exported SL value Comments
Acceleration true color3
Age true float15
Age Normalized true float15/float13 Computed with Age and Lifespan
CollisionNormaltrue color6
CollisionTime true float18
CollisionUV true st4
Emission true color4
Force true color5
Ids true float1
Normalized Ids true float11*0.61803398874989-floor(float11*0.61803398874989) Computed with Ids
Lifespan true float13
Mass true float14
Opacity true Os
ParentUV true st3
Radius true float15
RGB true Cs Color in Guerilla
SpriteScale true st2
SpriteTwist true float17
Velocity true color2

If any of those attributes is present in the particle system, it is exported by default. However, you can tag the particle system with the GuerillaParticleXXX tags to control which attributes are exported or not.

In order for the streaks to work, you must export the particles with the velocity attribute, or have at least 2 steps of motion blur.

Supported Attributes

Thoses attributes are exported from Maya and automatically baked if they are connected to anything.

  • Matrix (DagNodes)
  • Visibility (DagNodes)
  • Orthographic (Camera)
  • Orthographic Width (Camera)
  • Focal Length / Fov (Camera)
  • Center Of Interest (Camera)
  • Near Clipping Plane (Camera)
  • Far Clipping Plane (Camera)
  • cameraScale
  • cameraAperture
  • lensSqueezeRatio
  • horizontalFilmOffset
  • verticalFilmOffset
  • filmFit
  • shakeEnabled
  • horizontalShake
  • verticalShake
  • shakeOverscanEnabled
  • shakeOverscan
  • filmRollValue
  • preScale
  • postScale
  • filmTranslateH
  • filmTranslateV
  • horizontalRollPivot
  • verticalRollPivot
  • filmRollOrder
  • depthOfField
  • focalDistance
  • fStop
  • focusRegionScale

Geometry Attributes

Thoses attributes are exported from Maya once (no animation).

  • opposite (Mesh)

Subdivision Attributes

Thoses attributes are exported from Maya once (no animation) if the "Export Subdivision Attributes" option is enabled.

  • displaySmoothMesh
  • smoothUVs
  • keepBorder
  • boundaryRule
  • keepHardEdge
  • useSmoothPreviewForRender
  • smoothLevel
  • renderSmoothLevel