Sub PrimitivesΒΆ

A sub primitive, or faceset, is a subset of the object polygons. The sub primitives must be prepared in the modeling software. For Maya®, you have to assign different materials to the polygon sets before to export your model.

Guerilla now supports sub primitives with Alembic files !

Once in Guerilla, those sub primitives are selectable.

Select a sub primitive in an OpenGL viewport
  1. Toggle the Select Sub Primitive tool using the button on the main tool bar.
  2. Click on the sub primitive in an OpenGL view.

The sub primitive selection is not possible in the RenderView. Select a sub primitive in the node list
  1. Locate your object in the NodeList.
  2. Open the node.
  3. The SubPrimitive children nodes are the sub primitives.

Jump to the first selected object in the active Node List by pressing F.

Override a sub primitive shading in the RenderGraph

No sub primitive override, a blue color is assigned to a cube sub primitive.

  1. Select your sub primitive to override.
  2. Drag'n drop it to the RenderGraph. A RenderGraph/Path node is created selecting the specified sub primitive.

  3. Override the shader or the shading attributes you want.

Only the shader and the shader attributes can be overriden. The sets or the other attributes (geometry, subdivision..) can't be overriden using sub primitives.