Guerilla is a rendering solution designed for the VFX and the animation industries.

Guerilla is composed of the following softwares:

  • Guerilla Station, a standalone look development/lighting application
  • Guerila Render, a command line renderer which is used on the renderfarm
  • Optionally, Guerila Station for Autodesk Maya/Autodesk 3dsMax, plugins to natively use the Guerilla workflow and rendering power in these 3d packages
The rendering engine of Guerilla is of course also embedded in the Guerilla Station products.

In the course of a production, the Guerilla Station is used to design the shaders, to do the look development of the different assets, to assemble, layer and light the shots and submit the renders to the farm. Then the command line renderer renders the final frames.

Guerilla Station allows you to import geometries, static and animated, such as meshes, particles and volumetric data, import cameras, create lights and render passes, and render images. These topics are introduced in the User Guide/Quick Start section, and developped in the following sections.