New In The DocΒΆ


  • Documentation about Render Profile and Statistics at TD Guide/Technical Notes/Profiling And Statistics
  • More Library documentation on Library/Attributes


  • OpenColorIO documentation upgraded with the full support of OCIO


  • Particle example


  • NEW The doc was fully reviewed, cleaned, and upgraded!
  • NEW The User Guide/Quick Start section freshened
  • NEW A brand new Library/Materials/Surface2 reference
  • NEW The Workflow section was moved to the TD Guide


  • NEW The TD Guide/Third Party Tools/The Foundry Mari page explains how to install the Guerilla Surface shader for Mari.


  • NEW User Guide/Scene Graph/Archives page explains how to create and use archives.
  • NEW User Guide/Shading/Shading Inspection page explains how to inspect sub shader nodes.
  • NEW The Library/Materials/VectorDisplacement page explains how to use the vector displacement shader.
  • NEW The Library/Procedurals/RibBox page explains how to use the RibBox node.
  • NEW The Library/Attributes/RandomizeColor page explains how to use the RandomizeColor node.
  • The TD Guide/Third Party Tools/Golaem page has been updated.
  • The User Guide/Shading/Displacement page has been updated with the new Displacement Mode attribute.
  • The User Guide/Scene Graph/Sub Primitives support have been improved. Sub objects can now be overrided by the RenderGraph. Alembic sub primitives are supported.
  • The User Guide/Rendering/AOV page has been completed.
  • The User Guide/Rendering/OpenEXR files page has been completed with the Data Window details.
  • The Node Reference/Built-in Nodes/Preferences page has been completed.
  • The User Guide/Volumes/Rendering Voxels page now demonstrates voxel motion blur.
  • The User Guide/Volumes/Rendering Voxels page has been updated with the new voxel noise workflow.


  • NEW The User Guide/Procedurals/Instances page explains how to generate instances using the HairAndFur procedural node.
  • The Library/Procedurals/HairAndFur page has been updated with the instancing details.
  • The User Guide/Rendering/Denoising has been updated with Altus Innobright details.
  • The TD Guide/Technical Notes/Command Line Help has been updated.


  • NEW The User Guide/Rendering/Denoising page explains how to use the denoisers.


  • NEW The Library/Materials/Hair describes the new Hair shader.