Python ScriptingΒΆ

You can script inside Guerilla using Python. See the python SDK for more details.


Guerilla Windows is shiped with a Python 2.6 library.


Guerilla Linux uses the system Python library. You need a Python 2.6.x or 2.7.x installed on your system

When running Guerilla from Autodesk Maya, you may have to override the actual location of the Python library to use. See 'how to tell Guerilla to use another Python library' below. Source python scripts at startup

At startup, Guerilla sources all the .py files stored in the /plug-ins directory and in the directories specified in the UserPlugins configuration variable.

Tell Guerilla to use another Python library

Guerilla tries to find a Python library in this order :

  • The environment variable GUERILLA_PYTHON_LIBRARY
  • The PythonLibrary variable from the config file
  • "" on Linux, "python26.dll" on Windows
  • "" on Linux, "python27.dll" on Windows
You may have to set the path to the Python library using the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.