Qarnot ComputingΒΆ

Render easily your project in the cloud using Qarnot Computing.

Once configured, Guerilla will synchronize your files in the Qarnot cloud and run the rendering tasks in the cloud. The result images are stored in the Qarnot cloud and can be downloaded from the Qarnot web site.

Setup Qarnot to render your Guerilla projects in the cloud

Setup environement

  • You need to run guerilla with python 2.7 (recommanded 2.7.18 at least) see Setup python environement
  • Install the Amazon AWS CLI tools for your system.
  • Make sure the "aws" command is available in the system PATH.

Configure account

  • Create a Qarnot account. You will need your login (email) and your API Token available in your account compute section.
  • Create a Qarnot bucket to store your data here. You can create a second bucket to store the result files.
  • In Qarnot console check if the profile guerilla-v2 exist for your account, if it is not the case please contact Qarnot support
  • Configure aws : run the command "aws configure", and enter your Access Key ID (your email) and your Secret Acces Key (your API Token).
  • Keep other settings by default. For exemple: Region should stay None

In Guerilla

  • In Guerilla, choose the Qarnot Farm plug-in in Passes -> Settings -> Active Farm .
  • Set your Access Key (email), API Token, Resouce Bucket name and Result Bucket name in Passes -> Settings -> Qarnot.
  • Render your project in Farm mode.