Bake 2DΒΆ

Use the Bake 2D render pass to render in the st texture space instead of the classic camera screen space.

This is useful to bake data such as occlusion, illumination or even complex shading networks directly into textures.

The Bake 2D renderpass works similar to a classic RenderPass, as it is possible to separate into several Layers, and each Layer into several AOVs, the only difference being that it renders in st space instead of camera space.

Create a Bake 2D renderpass

Click the Create > Passes > Create Bake 2D menu item. Alternatively, use Alt+C menu shortcut to access the Create menu.

Render using a different st set

Use the Baking st Set to specify which st to use for baking.

Render into variable st coordinates

Uncheck ST Use Udim to display the coordinate space to render. By default, the Bake 2D renders the [0,1]x[0,1] tile.

The Bake2D renderpass will render the [0,1]x[0,1] texture range.

Render Udim tile

Check ST Use Udim to display the Udim tile index to render.

The Bake2D renderpass will render the 1001 udim tile.

Connect the current time control in the timeline to the ST Udim control to render multiple Udim tiles as a sequence of images. To connect the current time, press Ctrl+ and drag the mouse over ST Udim.

Connect the time to ST Udim using Ctrl+.