To render an image or sequence of images, Guerilla uses RenderPasses. A RenderPass is a node of the scene which contains rendering information, such as the size of output images, antialiasing quality, shading quality, layering, AOVs, ...

By default, Guerilla creates a default RenderPass in any new scene. It is possible to create new RenderPasses, using the Create > Passes > Create RenderPass menu. When rendering, all RenderPasses are computed one after the other.

Associate a Camera to a RenderPass

You can connect a camera to a RenderPass. Click the Render Passes button in the Camera properties, and link it to the desired RenderPass.

Check the Main Camera attribute in a camera properties to make the default rendering camera. When no camera is flagged as Main Camera, the default rendering camera is the Perspective.

Associate a RenderGraph to a RenderPass

By default, a RenderGraph is enabled for all RenderPasses. It is possible to force a RenderGraph to be active only for a set of RenderPasses (to change some objects aspect in these passes for instance.)

Link a RenderGraph to a RenderPass
  1. Select the RenderGraph.
  2. Click the RenderGraph > Render Passes button to open the linker.
  3. Link the RenderGraph to the desired RenderPasses.

You can also use the RenderPass > Pass > Render Graph button to link a RenderPass to RenderGraphs.