Trace LinkingΒΆ

In the default RenderGraph, all primitives are connected to the Diffuse, Reflection and Refraction sets. This causes all objects to be visible in diffuse, reflections and refractions.

In some cases, it is needed to remove an object from the reflection pass. This can be done by removing the object from the Reflection set.

Remove an object from the reflections
  1. Drag and drop the object from the Node List into the RenderGraph.
  2. Drop the Library/rendergraph/Set node (or Ctrl+space and type set)
  3. Change the Set to -Reflection
  4. Connect the Path node to the Set, and merge into the flow in override.

This operation can be done for the Diffuse and Refraction sets as well.

The Diffuse, Reflection and Refraction sets are used by the various shaders. See Library/Materials/Surface and Library/Materials/Curves and their Trace Set attributes.

It is also possible to override a shader trace set so specific the object reflects a different set of object.

Change the Surface shader Diffuse Trace Set
  1. Select the Surface shader node in the RenderGraph.
  2. Change the Shader > Diffuse > Trace Set from Diffuse to another set.

This can be done for all the BSDF contribution of the shaders.

The Sphere with a default Surface shader, and with Metal > Trace Set overriden to MetalReflection (the teapot is not linked to this new set.)

Changing the shader trace sets also affects the light linking, since the scene lights are linked to sets the same way objects are.