Video TutorialsΒΆ

Please take a first look at those videos to quickly learn how to use Guerilla Render.

Guerilla Render 1.0 - 101 Look Development

Learn how to make the look development of an asset

  • Export an asset from Maya
  • Add a sky light
  • Use the RenderGraph
  • Add UDIM textures
  • Add displacement
  • Add sub surface scattering
  • Override the shaders

Guerilla Render 1.3 - 102 Realistic skin shading

Learn how to setup the Lee Perry Smith scan in 5 minutes using Guerilla Render

  • Import an Alembic model
  • Setup the subdivision
  • Setup the displacement
  • Use the skin preset
  • Setup the diffuse color
  • Compute the normals with bump mapping

Guerilla Render 1.0 - 201 Render Passes - Layers

Learn how to manage the render passes

  • Split the layers
  • Matte objects
  • Render passes selection

Guerilla Render 1.0 - 202 Render Passes - AOVs

Learn how to use the AOVs

  • AOVs
  • Light Categories
  • Full Setup

Guerilla Render 1.0 - 203 Render Passes - Auxiliary AOVs

Learn how to use the auxiliary AOVs

  • Auxiliary AOVs
  • Layer Shader
  • ID Pass
  • Aovs overrides

Guerilla Render 1.3 - 301 Lookdev for the Alembic workflow

Prepare an asset look development using Alembic files

  • Reference Alembic files
  • Reference a turn around project
  • Create a look development RenderGraph
  • Create the turn around animation
  • Render the turn around
  • Tag the nodes to not be referenced

Guerilla Render 1.3 - 302 Assemble a shot project using Alembic files

How to assemble a shot project using Alembic files

  • Reference a camera Alembic file
  • Reference an animation Alembic file
  • Reference a set Alembic file
  • Reference a look development project
  • Assign a Rendergraph to an asset using references
  • Assign a Rendergraph to all assets
  • Assign a Rendergraph to an asset using prefixes
  • Assign a Rendergraph to an asset using tags

Guerilla Render - Using Autodesk Maya and Guerilla

Show the workflow between Maya and Guerilla Render

  • Load the Guerilla plug-in for Maya
  • Export the project to Guerilla
  • Update the project to Guerilla
  • Export using Maya references

Guerilla Render - Animate in Guerilla

Learn how to animate the attributes

  • Animate a light intensity
  • Add animation keys
  • Open the curve editor
  • Edit the animation curves
  • Insert key
  • Edit tangents
  • Snap the keys
  • Lock the curve editor on a curve selection
  • Edit multiple curves at the same time

Guerilla Render - The Layout

Learn how to use and customize the layout

  • Layout presentation
  • Resize the panels
  • Split the panels
  • Close the panels
  • Add a tab in a panel
  • Open a view in a tab
  • Extract a panel
  • Insert a panel into another panel
  • Load/save a layout

Guerilla Render - The Transform Stack

Learn how to use the transform stack

  • Use the transform tools, translate, rotate, scale
  • Transform in local or world space
  • Use a pivot point
  • Snap objects on surfaces, vertices, edges
  • Animate with a Euler Transform node
  • Animate with a Target Transform node
  • Animate with a Constraint Transform node
  • Animate with a Shake Transform node
  • Over-animate an object with a baked animation