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Displacement problem

Hi there! I am Amy, CG student, and fairly new to GuerillaRender.
I am trying to render my character who is composed of multiples mechanical objects, but I struggle with the Displace.

I checked the UVs and they are good.

For this object I exported my map from Zbrush and plugged it into the "Amount" of the Displacement node.
I also put the Normalize > "Raw" and -1 in the "Input min / Output min" of the Range.

After the Displacement node, I put an "Attribute" node to activate the subdivision.

If I try to move the input min / output min values, my displace "explodes".
I also noted that after putting the "Normalize" to "Raw" even if I move the Displacement Amount between 0 or 10 nothing changes.

In this picture you can see my low poly model, and my Zbrush high poly version under it. In the render view you can see that the displacement works but have some uneven artefacts and a weird shape.

I also tried on another object and the displace seems to thicken my model weirdly.

Maybe I missed something when trying to make the Displacement, so do you have any idea of what could it be?
Thank you really much.



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Re: Displacement problem

most of the time the probleme is the setting from zbrush export ! (set the scale to 1 in the export option).




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Re: Displacement problem

Displacement doesn't work well on corners/edges. This is a problem I've experienced in several render engines, not just Guerilla. The best solution is to not try to make beveled edges using a displacement map. You should model the detail on the edges or use the bevel normal node in Guerilla. It's one of the map options if you click the M next to Normal in the Surface.



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