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Guerilla behind proxy

Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for your work with this software !

I am trying to render an animation with it. It works fine, but at the start I get a message:
"Connection with the server failed."

So it will stop in the next 10 minutes.

I am running linux and behind a firewall blocking everything not running on 443 or 80 port, so I guess this is the reason of this issue (the port, not Linux!).
My question is : is there a way to authentificate with guerilla's server using 443 or 80 ?

If  not, any idea if there is a way to tell guerilla to use a sock proxy via ssh for example to get out of this firewall ? That's what I use sometimes, but I do not know how to tell guerilla to make its connections through it.

Thanks for your help



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Re: Guerilla behind proxy

Found it, my fault, I was using the wrong port in my ssh port forwarding.
In case someone needs it:

add this to your /etc/hosts

and "vps" being your output server from .ssh/config, run this command:

ssh -L vps



#3 2017-06-08 17:57:11

Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Guerilla behind proxy

Hi Audric,

Sure, you need a connection to port 19200 to be able to properly use the free licence.
Glad you made it!


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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