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Projection displacement

Hi !!

My name is Victori, I am in 5th year at the ENSI on our graduate film with my team.

On Guerilla we try to make displacement projections. It would be like doing ripples on the water around different characters with a sequence of animated images on TvPaint before. And each projection camera would be attached to a character.

So far we have managed to project several textures on the same object without problems but when we test with the displacement, either the crash software or it does not work ...

For the projection of the displacement we had left in the idea to enter the Sub-shader of the amount of the node of Displacement, once inside we had to create a node ProjectionTexture in which we had put in the File an image with the 'alpha. We then removed from the node the RGB and the Alpha that we had wired into a Multiply node and then connected it to the Output. In this case there is nothing that appears in the rendering.

On the other hand we had also tested with just a node of MaskTexture and there it works well but the displacement is done on all the geometry. So it's not great because we would like to be able to manage ourselves where the displacement would be projected ....

Thank you in advance, waiting for your answer,
Sincerely the Pool team



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Re: Projection displacement

Hi Victori,

Are you using a ProjectionTexture or just Texture or MaskTexture?
The displacement texture is a greyscale image? I don't understand why you're tweaking the alpha in there ...


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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