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#1 2017-12-15 17:10:23

Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Guerilla 2.0 now available

Dear Guerilleros,

We wish you will appreciate your Christmas 2017 gift from Mercenaries Engineering...

We are delighted to announce that you can now download Guerilla 2.0!

You can spread the news on linkedin there...

Render engine redesigned

We've redesigned the path tracing engine to provide more features, simpler setup and ultimately gain performances from new computer architectures.

Adaptive Sampling

The engine now integrates Adaptive Sampling, which allows to keep on sampling pixels that haven't reached the required quality.

This results in:
    - parts of the image that are easier to sample will stop sampling earlier, which allows the renderer to focus on more difficult parts of the image.
    - final renders have a uniform noise which is better for frame to frame consistency

Interactive Rendering

The Render View and the Viewports can be switched to Interactive Raytracing. Changing the scene automatically restarts the rendering, and let you play interactively with the lighting, and all shading parameters.

Also, this allows you to navigate through scenes that couldn't be rendered in OpenGL, such as forests of millions of trees, crowds of furry creatures and more!

Bidirectional Path Tracing

Bidirectional is super helpful to render complex illumination setups, such as indoors lit by exterior lights, wall lamps, and even caustics. Just increase the Light Max depth to enable the bidirectional engine!

Improved Materials

We've rewritten the Surface and Volume shaders, as Surface2 and Volume2. Surface2 now features the widely used GGX specular lobe, with emphasize on energy conservation in all situations. Less edge artefacts and more natural look and feel.

Light Path Expressions

AOVs now use OpenShadingLanguage Light Path Expressions.

This offers a much wider range of possible AOVs to render, and we've kept this easy artist friendly if you don't care about that level of control. For instance, you can render color ids or diffuse color after many mirror bounces in a finger snap!

Russian Roulette

The Russian Roulette enables rendering without worrying about the bounces depth. Setup your indoor scene to maximum bounces, and let the russian roulette take care of cutting the ray depth where it is useful.

Deeper RenderGraph

We've made the RenderGraph even more powerful. Use the RenderGraph to generate instances, to add lights procedurally, and to setup Procedurals such as Hair and Fur on characters or creatures and use them on shots without the classic integration burden.

Thank you to all our studios, productions, schools, alpha and beta testers, Guerilla teachers and students for their help smile


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