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how would you do sprites ?

hi !

I'm making a student short, which takes place in a desert. in a cartoon style with cell shading and outlines. i want to make this desert a little more vivid.

I would like to make sprites as instances (plants for example) facing the camera in any angle.

how would you do this ?

thanks a lot !



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Re: how would you do sprites ?

Hi Kapnay,

You can export a particle system in Alembic, then import it in Guerilla and switch its particle mode to Sprites, using the Particles > Mode attribute. The sprites will then be facing camera. You can adjust the sprite size using Sprite Scale X and Sprite Scale Y.
As quads, you sprites will have uvs, so you can texture them, use opacity masks, etc.

Check the doc here: … Modes.html


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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