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Texture file/ image sequence : loop mode

Hello !!

I'm currently working on a short film, with a stop-motion visual style.
So, I painted a cycle of 10 textures, but I don't manage to get the loop while rendering animation. After the cycle of 10 frames, Guerilla doesn't find images anymore et objects turn to pink. However i checked the user guide and used the "loop" mode and $f  name.
It's a noob question, but did I forget something ?
Here's a capture of my shader, it's a sequence numbered from 0000 to 0009.

Thanks for your help !!




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Re: Texture file/ image sequence : loop mode


When not using the sequence tab of the texture you can replace the time digits by $04f (this translates automatically to the current frame.)

But if you need, as is your case, to loop/clamp/pingpong the frame number, then you must use the alternative %04d.

Note that if you're not using udims, then you must switch the mode back to clamp or wrap, and there must only be one %d token.
When using animated udims, there must be 2 %d tokens, the first one being the udim tile number, and the second one being the time.

For instance, your texture is an animated udim, then you must set the path as:


where the first %04d is the udim index, and the second %04d is the frame number.


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