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How to write a new surface shader ?

Hi there !

I am trying to write a surface shader to reproduce light interactions in labradorite stones
I have already figured out the math in glsl playing on shadertoy

Now I want to port it to a surface shader inside guerilla, but I can't figure out how to get started...

I create a surface shader

And a SL box to drive the outColor value.
When my SL box returns a flat color, it works great.

Then start to get started by writing a simple diffuse shader by copying the code sample found in the documentation, and things start to break

Even after correcting a few typos I cannot get rid of the parsing errors, it seems that calling brdf (args) {//whatever}
simply does not work.

I am already thinking of a workaround (using a standard surface shader and changing the behaviour of the spec2 normals instead), but I am interested in understanding how this brdf loop works, and generally speaking, how do you implement a brand new shader in guerilla ?



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