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Light Message Passing

Hey guys,

I'm looking on how to use light message passing feature in guerilla.
I can't find a node to read the extra output value i created on lights in my shaders ... sad
A quick help would be helpfull as i didn't find any information in documentation regarding that point yet.


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Re: Light Message Passing

Hi  Pascal!

If you want to do this in a nodal way, you'll have to create into your shader, an illuminance macro, and into it:
-Create with "ctrl+space" an input/lightouput node.
-Into the "Light Output" field , put your custom light output variable name.

Depend what you'll do ,you'll probably have to deal with the lights distributions .

You'd better have to take a look to this thread :

May you'll have to take into account to the recent illuminance re-definitions(more RiSpec friendly), for instance "illuminance (P,N ,PI/2)". … pec3_1.pdf

Personally , i 'll prefer to deal with a RSL node for that technical stuffs  (c'est pas un truc pour tarlouse).

See you ! :)

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Re: Light Message Passing

Hi pixo !

I got it ... I was modifiying input 'default' or output name of the lightOutput :p
I forgot about that field !
I hope you are doing fine and i expect to see you soon ... We will probably look for a nice amount of guerilla artist soon :p so stay tuned smile

See you,




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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Light Message Passing

Hi Bascal,

Plain simple:
- Add an output to your light's output node (named 'MyOutput', for instance)
- In an illuminance macro, use LightOutput node and set Output to 'MyOutput'
- or in an illuminance loop (SL), use lightoutput function: color lightoutput (string name, color defaultvalue)

You can have a sneak peek at Guerilla's lights in the library to understand how you can separate diffuse from specular, and in the Cook Torrance or Oren Nayar SL code to see the lightoutput in action (or even the IlluminanceMacro node which uses a LightOutput node for Diffuse filtering)


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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Re: Light Message Passing

Hey guys!

I think it's a good habit to deal with RSL node for this, especially because you can declare string as arg, this is more flexible and cleaner for the browser.

Anyway you can do it in many ways in Guerilla ,this is why we love it !!



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