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Best workflow for exporting to Guerilla?

I'm curious what the best workflow is for exporting to Guerilla from Maya, such that I don't have to reconstruct every shader in the project each time I export a shot / animation of the same character from Maya.

Should I stick to Maya's Phong / Blinn / MR mia_xxx / etc., shaders in Maya so that they transfer predictably to Guerilla? I suppose in a perfect world, I'd be able to export the project from Maya, set up lighting and such in Guerilla, but only have to touch shaders to make minor tweaks, and be able to render right away.  Is there anything I can do in Maya to prepare the scene to get me as close to my "perfect world" situation as possible?



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Re: Best workflow for exporting to Guerilla?

Hi, excellent question smile

Guerilla comes with a out-of-the-box non-linear workflow between Maya and Guerilla. Sorry for the buzz words.

Here is the easiest way to use Maya and Guerilla in production using the v1.2 beta version, (I assume here you have multiple shots to render) :

Prepare your asset in a first Maya project. Export it in Guerilla. Do the asset look development in Guerilla (prepare a RenderGraph with the texture assignment, colors, shader tweaking, procedural fur, procedural hair, etc..). You can always re-export from Maya, it will simply update the scene graph. All your work in Guerilla is keeped of course.

Build a shot project in Maya with the animation and the final camera using references on your Maya assets. Export the shot project to Guerilla, every asset look development will be referenced in the new Guerilla project. You can of course update any asset look development later.

Setup the shot project RenderGraph (or copy it from another shot) to setup the light linking, the layer spliting and the per-shot shader tweaking. You're all set.

Note : Guerilla doesn't use the Maya material at all. The look development has to be done at least once in Guerilla.

The next incoming Guerilla's videos will cover this topic.


Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
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