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Improve ShaderNodeSL documentation

Guerilla is a perfect tool to learn shader writing but documentation lack of some information: Reference_Built-in Nodes_ShaderNodeSL.html

Guerilla rely on RSL but RSL documentation is huge and what actually miss to the Guerilla documentation is not such big.

Here is what I think is missing:

Just list the builtins variables with proper explanation:

* P <vector> Position of the shading point
* N <vector> Geometry normal at the position of the shading point
* I <vector> ...?
* Cl <color> ...?

And explain how to do cross and dot product (and other syntaxic sugar):

* A.B: The dot product between vector A and vector B
* A*B: The cross product between vector A and vector B
* etc...

I'm trying to learn shader writting using Guerilla and its a very cool tool for this (I remember doing so in Maya, it was a pain to switch between text and UI/refresh all the time). I just face some tiny mind walls that could be easy to fix with those two information in the documentation.

Latest request: For now, when you save the shader in the Guerilla Console, it doesn't trigger the Auto Refresh, even if Auto Refresh is On. It could be interesting, from a workflow perspective, that the render refresh when Auto Refresh is On each time you save the shader in the console. This would improve writting shader feedback and speed.

Keep the good work!



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