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Alembic Layering

Just FYI, there is Alembic Layering discussion. The point is to support Alembic content from stack (P from one alembic, UV from another, etc.).

This is what PrimVarOverride node is supposed to do but the idea her is to support from from Alembic Core.

Maybe you devs have something to say to Alembic guys so here is the discussion: … pxNf0uCgAJ



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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Alembic Layering

Hi Narann,

There is a Birds Of Feather meeting at SIGGRAPH on this topic, we'll sure attend it!
Thanks for the info.


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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Re: Alembic Layering

I read the discussion here is my thought:

Deal with layered alembic manually will be a mess from a user perspective. I suggest Guerilla to provide a way to handle this internally.

So a reference node is no more a simple abc but can also have layered abcs (like the matrix stack but instead of matrix you have abcs). So, in the concept, you would have a + button on the reference property to add an override (like the primvar one) and organise your stack like this:

(P, P2)

This mean remove shapes and hierarchy from (because modeling contain all character variations) then override P and P2 of the result (this way only points move).

The point is to avoid the pipeline to generate a file containing those informations (which can be temp) and let Guerilla provide a good UI way to deal with this. Of course, scripting support of this will be necessary (matrix stack is currently hard to deal with in script because of all the connections while we could have a parameter that get/set a list of matrix, and so, manage connection itself)

Of course, as it's alembic, Guerilla will also support if users want to manager this by them-self.

I just want to say this is a powerful feature but a straight support of this can be very hard for users to deal with.

My 2 cts.



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