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Shave & Haircut Tutorial (WIP)

Hi all,

I start (finally<-private joke) a tutorial for Shave & Haircut and Guerilla, but I've several bugs and questions :

1. Bugs :

You can see below a screencapture from the 9.5 Guerilla Beta

And here, the same project with the last 11.26 stable version :

What the f.... !!!!
The material is burned or something like that ... is it normal ? hair material changed ? sad

2. Questions :

I would like to restart this scene, with a "low shave scalp" because and my actual scene the shave is a "high shave scalp" (lot of shave to export) because in the Guerilla v9, the HairFurDuplicator didn't worked.
So, How I can use the ShaveGroup like a instance in Fur or Hair to use the HairAndFurDupllicator ?




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