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working on expert mode

Dear Ben,

Do we have any chance to convert the visible shaders to greyscale color in browser tab while working on other tools like as rendering and baking.I guess we can save memory and use those memory for rendering or GL button if we have this chance,that could be one of the great option in guerilla. i guess i'll get a replay from u.

Thank you,

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Re: working on expert mode

Hi Devender,

I'm not sure there is a lot of memory to save rendering the preview shaders in grayscale. The memory used is mostly the VRAM needed to store the result in an OpenGL texture and in the worst case, I mean a screen full of shader previews, it will allocate less than the screen buffer which is not a lot. Note that the preview is kept in memory only if the node is visible, if the node quits the visible area of the layout or if the layout is on a hidden tab, the memory used by the preview nodes is freed.

Now, there is different situations where Guerilla can take too much memory. Most of them are solved by reducing the bucket size.

In the v0.8, baking a big point cloud can take more memory than it should, we have planed to fixe this issue in the 0.9.



Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Guerilla developer



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Re: working on expert mode

Hello Devender,

Several changes were made so your every day work is improved:
- Opening a new tab, a new node list is displayed instead of a browser, which can save a lot of wasted time when you have hundreds of materials
- Local settings are now saved, which was not the case if you didn't had write access to your Windows registry, so it now possible to change the OpenGL texture resolution (default is 2048, which can be very hurtful if you have hundreds of textures, so switching to 512 or even 256 can severly improve loading/refreshing time)
- More generally, various performance profilings helped us discard unnecessary long computations, leading to a 2x or 3x (and more!) speedup factor in some cases!

Please be assured that we regularly have some code base cleanups to make things easier for our users. Also, working with unusually large data set let us appreciate where there was a real need for optimisations smile



Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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