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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Do you know MMD?

@uimac from twitter gifted us (me at least!) with some new knowledge for Christmas  wink

MMD is for MikuMikuDance from Japan (you can see some videos there), and uimac tested MMDBridge (a free character anime software in Japan for MikuMikuDance) with Guerilla...

See How to use MDDBridge with Guerilla Render...



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Re: Do you know MMD?

Hi, thank you for such a nice thread.

"MDD" is a lightwave geometry cache format.

MikuMikuDance("MMD") is a DirectX9 based motion creation tool in itself, develped by Higuchi, in Japan.
I developed a plugin for MMD, named MMDBridge.
MMDBridge can export geometries every frames to Alembic, MDD, Obj,. ..etc  from MMD.

1. MMD+MMDBridge exports Alembic. (for guerilla, not using face-varying UVs.)
2. Assign materials by script on GuerrilaRender.
3. Render~

For Guerilla Render, I wrote a material assign script.
This script imports a MTL file from MMDBridge.

I thank you for reading it through.



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Re: Do you know MMD?

This is cool thanks

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