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several more noob questions

Hi there,

Still exploring Guerilla, and more questions are coming (of course smile ). I have 4 of them today, some quite easy I guess, and some more complex... Here they are :

- what is the best solution to organize complex scene, with lots of datas ? Do you guys use only one render graph, or several ? If several, how do you separate them (for instance : one for shaders assignements and one for render passes) ? I've seen somewhere that it's possible to create group of nodes too (or macro, not sure of the name) in the render graph, which can be really handy. But I can't figure how to do that...

- I'm trying to make some instances, but I can't make it works... I would like to propagate some grass on a plane (all modeled in Blender and imported as alembic files in Guerilla). Then I create an instance node, use the plane as a scalp, and use one of the grass modeled for the instance. And nothing is happening... If I do the same with a plane from Guerilla, now it's working (but the grass are not in the correct direction, but this is another story and I didn't try to fix it yet). I don't understand why Guerilla is not taking my plane from Blender in the first place... If I want to use a complex ground, I will have the same problem...

- I'm also trying to generate some fur in guerilla, but I don't understand how it works. For the interpolate guides mode, I need some guide curves. But how do we create guide curves ? Is there a way to do it in Guerilla ? Or is it only for yeti's setup or things like that ? What if I want to create some guides in blender (with alembic support now, I can export hair system - without interpolations - from blender), and create the interpolation within Guerilla ? In short, can anyone indicate me the process to create hair and fur as interpolated guide mode ?

- Last questions : is it possible to see the hdr map we plugged in an env light as a background (I know how to do it in the render but not in the viewport) ? Is it possible to plug ramps (mapped as environment), and use it as env light ? And is it possible to plug a ramp in the background and see it while it's rendering ? All of this is a bit confusing for me too...

Well, I think that's it, for now smile. Thanks to anyone how can help me !

Cheers !



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Re: several more noob questions

Hi Lyonel, glad to see u there !

For the first question :
-We have 1 Shading render graph by Asset ou group of asset (in this guerilla file only the shading render graph is referenceable). In the assembly we reference all the models and their render graph, and have A render graph to separate our models (CHARs, SET ,BG ...) in different layers.
To create a macro containing more coplex graph you just have to right clic in the render graph and clic on new node...this creates a macro.
-don't know blender enough for the moment...this will change soon smile In Max it works like a charm.
-For the hair blender MattRM can answer you. In 3dsmax I export .abc guides from Ornatrix. In Maya we use yeti at Mopa and bake the yeti cache imported in guerilla. Then you can create a fur un guerilla using your scalp mesh, and your .abc with moving guides. When you render a sequence don't forget to bake your implantation (set implantation mode to bake in the fur procedural shelf)  before rendering the sequence (implantation mode must be set to read
-Hdr file in the voiwport isn't possible I think (Guerilleros ?) To see a gradient in Bg we use Flipped Sheres here.

Hope this helps !



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Re: several more noob questions

Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for your reply !

- For my first question, I forgot to mention that exceptionnaly, the scene is an all in one (only one reference with all the assets), which mean that it's pretty complex. It's not really production friendly, and your answer make me realize that. For animated projects, it's of course much better to have assets referenced in one lighting scene, like you said. Anyway, I know now how to create macro now, and that is really helpfull ! Thanks ! Do you sometime separate, with several graphs, what is related to shading from what is related to render passes, from what is related to light linking, etc... ? Even when you have several assets, I guess it can be interesting to separate all of this, but I'm not completely sure about it...

- If you need some blender help, do not hesitate smile. I start to know it very well smile.

- Ok, so it means that you create your guides in a separate programm, right ? I'll try that way from blender, as it's possible to export curves to drive any kind of fur or instances inside blender. Maybe it's going to work.

- Ok, that's a smart way to map a background and to have it in your render. For the ramp thing I asked, I kind a find out that there is a gradient light for the environment that can be pretty cool as well.

Any way, thanks for all those answers. I'll do some fur test and see how it goes. MattRM, if you are reading me, I might need your help !

Cheers !



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Re: several more noob questions

Sorry for the delay ! A long answer for a lot of questions smile

lyonelDahu :

what is the best solution to organize complex scene, with lots of datas ?

Like Mathieu said, most users make a RenderGraph per asset (with only the look development overrides, textures, colors, fur).
Then you can make a RenderGraph per sequence (with the pre-layering, pre-lighting per sequence)
Then a RenderGraph per shot (with the final lighting, layering, shader tweeking per shot)
And why not, a last RenderGraph per RenderPass override (if you have multiple render passes)

You can apply a RenderGraph to a subset of objects using tags, a path pattern or a reference prefix.

The RenderGraph has an Order attribute to control the order of RenderGraph evaluation.

lyonelDahu :

I'm trying to make some instances, but I can't make it works...

If it works with the Guerilla Plane and not yours, it is probably a density issue. Can you try to increase the density ? If your plane is large you may have to increase it a lot.

The orientation issue is probably because the object you will instanciate must be in Transform->Hierarchy Mode->Inherit mode.

See the doc here for more details : … ances.html … ances.html

lyonelDahu :

- I'm also trying to generate some fur in guerilla, but I don't understand how it works.

There is different methods to generate fur.

For fur :

1) You can grow fur using the HairAndFur procedural on any surface. You don't need guide curves for that. You can still orient the fur using a texture and noise.
2) You can grow fur and orient them using guide curves (for simulated fur). You need a surface and guide curves to do that.

For the two first methods, see : … s_Fur.html

For hair :

3) You can duplicate baked guide curves using the same HairAndFur procedural … _Hair.html

4) You can use a third party procedural plug-in like Yeti or XGen in Maya and generate the same curves in Guerilla.

lyonelDahu :

is it possible to see the hdr map we plugged in an env light as a background

No but as you mentioned, you can display an envlight in primary visibility in your render. Using the GradientLight, you can have a gradient. Using the EnvLight, you can have your HDRI or a constant color. Remove the light from the LightSet if you don't want them to light the scene.

Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Guerilla developer



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