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Hi, here is a school exercise with the kitchen from Ratatouille. It's an exercise for some of 3rd years students at MoPA to work the texturing/shading and lighting. I hope you'll like it ! smile

You can see a little breakdown here :

Please, give me any feedback,I'd love to read it !



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Re: Kitchen

Hi Amandine,

Scene composition looks cool ! IMHO, there's some shading mistakes to fix :

- Texture scale & resolution.
It's a common problem when learning shading / surfacing, some textures are off scale (especially on the walls) compared to real world scale, in games industry, people work with "texels" (real world units / pixel) to make sure everything is at the right scale.
Some textures looks low-res (we can see some pixels). Guerilla is pretty smart with textures and use of tex files, so maybe you should increase the textures resolution a bit.

- Bump & normals.
It's cool to use some bump or normal maps to add subtle details, but here the strength is way too high on some materials.

- PBR materials.
Some materials looks a bit strange, like ground tiles in the shadows area. Maybe it can be a good idea to read about PBR shading (there are plenty of resources on the internet) to make sure you keep values in the good range. it will make your render more coherent and realistic

keep it up:)

FX TD / Artist - 3D and Surface Scan Speciaist.



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