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Nicolas Castelli
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Random surfaces on multiple object


I can not find a way to randomly assign surfaces to multiple objects under the same tag.

For example :
A hundred objects with the tag "leaf". Two or three surfaces with each their diffuse texture, opacity, specular .. Randomly assign these surfaces to objects under the "leaf" tag.

There is a "TextureSwitch" node but it is limited when we have more object than textures. And I do not think it works if it must randomly associate a diffuse with the specular that corresponds to it...

Any idea ?


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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Random surfaces on multiple object

Hi Nicolas,

Guerilla 1.4 can only randomly tweak the material at shader level, just like you mentionned,
Guerilla 2.0 has more features in the RenderGraph to program this kind of things, yes.

In Guerilla 2.0, you have to use a Script node, and make something like a switch based on the path of the object.


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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