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Hi Everybody,

I'm actually trying to plug a displacement map into Guerilla from Zbrush but the displace I'm having is never the same as in Zbrush.
I've exported a low res mesh and a 32bit exr displacement map from Zbrush (checked the map, and set mid value at 0.5).
I've create an Attribute node with subdivision activated (smoothing at level 2-3) and displacement set to 1 with "Displacement+Bump".
I've connected to it a Displacement shader with my exr file loaded in the "Amount", set to "Linear" colorspace and leaving the offset to 0.5 and Multiplier to 1.
I've also added a Surface2 to it.
Nothing looks like what I had in Zbrush.
Is there any setting that can keep the displacement I had in Zbrush and makes everything work properly?




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Re: Displacement

Hi bigvalyeti,

The normal behavior of guerilla is to use a normalize map.
You need to tweak the amount of the displacement by using the Displacement attribute.

But has you use a 32bit i would advise you to export a 32bit map in zbrush but to set the mid to 0, to set the displacement mode to Raw and to set the displacement amount to 1 at least ( displace amount would not change the amount but wild extend the boudingbox )

Can you share with use your map, your model, a screenshot of zbrush, your boots  and your motorcycle? wink


Philippe Llerena



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