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About Lights...

Hello guys,

As you know I am a BIG fan of Guerilla. It is probably the best render engine I have seen in production. As a lighter
I am always looking for a tool that is easy and flexible. I had a couple of ideas that may improve our workflow in Guerilla. ;-)

1- If I type 'light' in the Node Picker, here's what it gives me:

In my opinion they are too much lights by default. In most studios I have worked, they have a tendency to reduce the number of lights.
"Less is more". Generally we have: EnvLight, DistantLight (eventually combined in a SkyLight), Area Light and that's about it...
We could probably add 'MeshLight' to the list but that' a different story.

2- When I look at this list, I think there is a confusion about the actual lights and the presets.
It looks like 'GradientLight', 'SpotLight' or 'IESLight' are actually light sources. When they are only presets, right?
I think it would be easier with something like this: only 4 lights and the rest are presets (combination of light shader and a proper light source).

3- Also it would be neat to rename the 'Square Light' to 'Area Light'. It would make more sense and bring us closer to other softwares.
Probably less confusing for a new starter of Guerilla. I would also love to remove the 'Decay' option from our lights.
Changing the decay could be potentially lead to some render mistakes, right? So why not remove it? ;-)

4- I am also a bit confused by the 'PointLight'. Why is it under the same category of 'Sphere', 'Disc' and 'Square' which are all 'Areas'.
You cannot make the Point Light bigger nor change its Angle, right? Therefore you will always end up with sharp shadows.
I would probably remove this light as it is does not exist in real life. Or at least remove it from the 'Area' Lights category.
Would be nice also to have a cylinder light... ;-)

5- An other detail but would help: Could we rename the 'light shaders' to 'light filters'? Would be less confusing for new starters.
And I would love to see some 'Invert' option on the existing light shaders: box, cone, cylinder and sphere.

6- We could also add 'barndoors' to the light filters. They are quite useful.

That's about it... Most of these comments are not life changing but I think they would help...

Thanks guys!




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Re: About Lights...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the feedback!

1 & 2. I admit the light library is a bit messy, and we could take the opportunity of the next 2.2 to clean this up a bit.
Note that we potentially have some running productions relying on these files existing at some point, so I don't want to break this for aesthetic reasons only smile

3. Square light is ok by my book, so an alias would do it?
Decay is sure wrong, but we have people out there that rely on it. So, nope, sorry wink

4. The type controls the kind of shape the positional light has. So, it might be an infinitesimal point light, a square, a disc or else. And same reason as previously, some productions are really using them!

5. Well, by Guerilla's naming, these are shaders, which you can edit and customize. So I'll leave that as Shaders. Gizmos would do it equally good smile

6. Yes, barndoors. Quite some work to implement, though.


Benjamin 'Ben' Legros
Guerilla developer



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Re: About Lights...

Thanks Ben!

There's one thing I forgot to mention.

7- That would be awesome to be able to share light shaders (cylinder, box, sphere...) between lights. Sometimes you want several lights to share the same "blocker"...

Anyway thanks for having a look!

Keep up the good work!


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