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#1 2019-04-07 13:47:41

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Make Finer Adjustments to Values

Is there any way to adjust values to a more finer degree? For example, if you press and hold Alt while scrolling in 3ds Max, or middle click in Houdini, or place the cursor at the degree of granularity you want to adjust and use the keyboard arrows in Nuke; this is all the various ways you can make finer adjustments in these other programs, but it seems like in Guerilla I can only move the slider and make large adjustments, or alternatively type in smaller values into the textbox which isn't very convenient.

Am I missing some kind of hotkey or method to making finer adjustments to values?

Also, on a similar topic, is there a way to reset values to their defaults? Sometimes I want to play with a setting and see what it changes, but then if I decide it doesn't do what I want, I just want to reset it back, but it seems like in Guerilla once you've changed a value there's no way to go back to it's default on some settings. (I did notice there's a little "o" button that seems to work like a reset, but it's not available everywhere)

Thank you

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