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Charger Yeti dans Guerilla

Hellow ! J'ai une question, j'aimerai charger le plugin Yeti a  travers Guerilla. On en parle dans la doc, mais en vrai je suis un peu perdu... hmm

"Guerilla uses the pgYetiPrmanRender DLL and the pgYetiCacheInfo application. The Yeti bin directory should be added to the PATH variable before running "guerilla" or "render". It should be the case on a standard Yeti installation."

Où est-ce que je dois rentrer le lien du dossier bin dans Guerilla ?

Merci d'avance !

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Re: Charger Yeti dans Guerilla

Hye tib8tib,

Pardon my english.

You need to setup the environment variable of the path of Yeti in the "path" environment variable.
This is an operation to do in the OS or to wrap in a bat file.
Something like


set path=%path%;pathoftheyeti
set GUERILLA=pathofguerilla

As this you'll be sure to not « break » the OS.

Philippe Llerena



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