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Render layers to separate files

Is there a way to render exr sequence so that render layers are split into separate files.

For example I have 3 different assets but need to rerender one of them. Usually if I just disable unnecessary layers it just overwrites multichannel exr and that is not what I need.



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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Render layers to separate files

Hi Egert,

Sure ! This is the default behavior of Guerilla, you may have change the default configuration.
Guerilla output formatting is base on file naming.

There is some token you need to use to let guerilla replace the name.

Basically is configure like this:
And it will separate each, Renderpass_Layer_AOV_EyeNumber_Frame.extension

If it's not the case you must have overwrite the default config. And that's why guerilla create multichannel exr
Have a look at the documentation … aming.html

I guess you have overwrite the output not for file naming reason but for directory output reason.
The smartest way is just to redefine the IMAGES variable to an other directory and let Guerilla handle the rest.
Maybe remove the eye token...



Philippe Llerena



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