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Linux Fedora Installation

Hi guys!

I didn't found any other forum part to post it, so I hope it's not a problem to post this question here

Anyway, I've downloaded the Linux version and tried to install it on my Fedora 32 (it's an RHEL based system, dunno if it's a problem) and the install script just don't work.

It started with these errors:

[moco@moco-fedora guerillarender]$ sudo ./install
[sudo] password for moco:
./install: line 23: dirname: command not found
./install: line 25: basename: command not found
./install: line 92: grep: command not found
./install: line 92: cut: command not found
./install: line 152: id: command not found
./install: line 152: [: too many arguments
./install: line 195: cat: command not found
./install: line 198: clear: command not found

And after that, some questions regarding the directory of the installation, EULA, and more errors. In the end, nothing is installed

Any ideas?



#2 2020-05-08 19:48:59

Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Linux Fedora Installation

Hi Rafael,

I'm running fedora 30 at home and don't have issue with it, centos 7.5 also.

Guerilla linux is a portable software, using the install command is not an obligation.

You can untar guerilla and start ./guerilla at the guerilla root. If you wanna be super clean you start guerilla with a GUERILLA env var pointing to the guerilla root folder.

Have fun !
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Philippe Llerena



#3 2020-07-27 15:25:36

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Re: Linux Fedora Installation

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