Use the Vector Displacement material to displace the surface of objects with a ZBrush® vector displacement texture.

Export the vector displacement texture from ZBrush®

When exporting the vector displacement texture from ZBrush®, please use the following settings :

Setup the vector displacement shader

This setup will use the vector displacement texture to displace and bump the surface to get thin details.

  1. In the RenderGraph, add a Materials/VectorDisplacement to the objects to displace.
  2. Set the displacement texture filename in the File attribute.
  3. Set the Displacement -> Displacement Mode to Displacement+Bump.
  4. Check the Subdivision -> Smooth attribute.
  5. Increase the Subdivision -> Subdivision Level attribute.

Without and with vector displacement. The model is rendered with only two steps of subdivision. Model and textures by Cedric 'Pitiwazou' Lepiller