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Brute force path tracing

Guerilla Render uses an unbiased bidirectional path tracer to render the scene. You can validate shots with fast preview renders and be sure the final renders will be the same, with less noise.

Thanks to the progressive rendering, Guerilla Render gives you a fast and consistent preview of your work. Re-rendering is even faster than the first render.

Once you are happy with the progressive result, you can render your project in final quality. The image will then converge to the exact same result than the progressive render. For an equal number of samples, the final render will be even faster and less noisy.

Physically Plausible Über Shaders

Guerilla comes with physically plausible shaders for surfaces and curves. Using the same Surface shader, you can blend the different layers to get a plastic, glass, metal, car paint or skin look, using understandable attributes.

You can use texture masks to blend the BRDF layers inside a single object. No need to split your model by materials any more. Simply paint the metal or the glass part of your object in a mask to drive those BRDF layers.

The subsurface scattering is rendered like any other BRDF, available on every surfaces, with no effort.

Guerilla Render provides lots of sub-shaders, like textures, bump, noise... Those sub-shaders can be assigned to any shader inputs using the RenderGraph.

Lights and Environment Shaders

Guerilla Render is shipped with a large choice of lights and environments for all kind of situations. Lights can have various shape and can contain multiple clipping volumes like cones, cylinder, frustum...

You can easily create a light rig, save it and share it with other people.

The lights can be animated, rigged, constraint to any object present in the SceneGraph.

The lights can be assigned to specific AOVs. You can render for example a Specular AOV lit only by the fill lights.

All Guerilla Render lights and environments are built using shading networks. They can be easily customized to your production needs.