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We are a production-proven look development, assembly, lighting, and rendering solution, meticulously crafted for the Animation and VFX industries. With a remarkable track record since 2008, Guerilla has been an integral part of numerous TV series, CG projects, and VFX feature films. Our software is optimized to excel in look development and lighting tasks, providing artists with an easy and productive rendering experience without compromising on flexibility and performance.

Join us on an exciting journey of creative expression and visual storytelling with Guerilla!

Guerilla 2.3 now available!


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Discover Guerilla Station Guerilla Render Services FREE Starting at 1200€/seat Starting at 280€/node Contact us for a quote

One unlimited license for everybody.

⚫ 1 Guerilla Station or Guerilla Render

The powerful Guerilla Station Look Development, Assembly and Lighting software.

⚫ 1-3th seats 2000€/seat
⚫ 4-7th seats 2000€/seat   1800€/seat Save 10%
⚫ 8-17th seats 2000€/seat   1600€/seat Save 20%
⚫ 18-35th seats 2000€/seat   1400€/seat Save 30%
⚫ 36-70th seats 2000€/seat   1200€/seat Save 40%

The renderer stand alone to install on your render nodes.

⚫ 1-9th nodes 700€/node
⚫ 10-19th nodes 700€/node   630€/node Save 10%
⚫ 20-49th nodes 700€/node   560€/node Save 20%
⚫ 50-99th nodes 700€/node   490€/node Save 30%
⚫ 100-199th nodes 700€/node   420€/node Save 40%
⚫ 200-299th nodes 700€/node   350€/node Save 50%
⚫ >299th nodes 700€/node   280€/node Save 60%

We support you with a fast and quality service during your production.

⚫ Private development - consulting - training
⚫ On-demand Guerilla features development
> Fully featured
> Commercial usage possible
> Support by the forum
> Require an internet connection
> One license per IP address or project
> Floating licenses
> Permanent licenses (membership also available on-demand)
> One year of maintenance included
> Professional support by emails
> Custom build *
> Next maintenance year at 600€/node
> Free for education
> Floating licenses
> Permanent licenses (membership also available on-demand)
> One year of maintenance included
> Professional support by emails
> Custom build *
> Next maintenance year at 210€/node
> Free for education
> On-site consulting
> On-demand features development
> Pipeline integration
> Render farm manager integration
> Training
* Starting at 100 licenses
All prices exclude VAT
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Benjamin Legros

Benjamin Legros

Benjamin is co-founder of Mercenaries Engineering and one of the Guerilla Render architect.

Young 3d developer prodigy, he won at 19 “The Party”, the biggest demo scene contest with a realtime demo featuring his 3d engine written in assembly on an Amiga 500. After graduating from Ensimag in computer science and applied mathematics, he first worked for video games, developing technology for the Ryzom MMORPG. In 2005, he co-founded Mercenaries Engineering, and has been working since then developing Guerilla Render and providing support for many companies, including On Entertainment, Prime Focus or Mikros Image.

Cyril Corvazier

Cyril Corvazier

Cyril Corvazier is a Mercenaries Engineering co-founder and has developed Guerilla Render since 2005.

Cyril has always programmed 3d engine software. Student, he wrote multiple realtime rasterizers in assembly language for his demo scene projects. Graduated in Computer Graphics at Marne La Vallée University, he worked in the video game industry and supervised the development of the Ryzom MMORPG 3d engine. Then he worked on various production rendering technologies involving the Reyes algorithm, brute force path tracing and now advanced monte carlo ray tracing for Guerilla Render.