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A lighting environment

Guerilla Render GUI is optimized for the look development and the lighting tasks. The renderer is perfectly embedded in the GUI.

Load plates over or behind your render, push and compare images.

All the memory is available for rendering. The pre-computations are cached in memory for faster re-rendering.

Guerilla Render provides a professional color pipeline. The different input/screen/output color spaces are carefully handled and can be all controlled by the user.


Work in a non-linear fashion using the RenderGraph. Always track the work you have done and replicate it easily.

Organize the different attributes of related objects in the same space of the document.

Quickly debug a shot. Find which node is producing a specific behavior.

Easily copy and paste all the work done on an asset or a shot into a new project in two clicks.

Gather and render

Using Alembic files, gather the animations and simulations you have done in any 3d package compatible with Alembic. Render everything together and simplify your pipeline.