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Guerilla Render is designed around an unique raytracing technology which fully takes advantage of the CPU computing resources and lowers the memory bandwidth to deliver the best possible performances.

Guerilla Render performances scale transparently with the number of cores of your CPU.

Thanks to its unique design, Guerilla Render is very efficient at raytracing hairs and sub surface scattering.

Guerilla Render uses original sampling strategies to converge at the fastest possible speed.

Guerilla Render compiles all its shaders on the fly using an embedded SIMD compiler.


Guerilla Render deals everyday with huge production datasets. It supports massive texture loads, can render hundreds of output images at the same time and raytrace billions of unique polygons or curves.

Guerilla Render features an optional geometry compression to save even more memory.

As all good raytracers, Guerilla Render supports instances.

Motion blur

3d motion blur is a first class citizen in Guerilla Render. It is fast, accurate and always available.

Guerilla Render can always render motion blur, even if the geometry is using a single motion step. You can control the shutter opening and closing time to specify which part of the movement your want to render, to match a live footage for example. The shutter can also have different shapes (like triangle, leading, trailing, gaussian...)

The displacement in Guerilla Render is precise, fast and programmable