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Autodesk Maya®

Guerilla Render is shipped with a professional Maya® exporter, able to bake every kind of geometry and animations.

Meshes, subdivision meshes, maya hair, singles splines, fluids, particles, cameras, dynamic attributes.. Almost everything can be baked and exported.

You have a full control on the baking process on a transform basis :

Automatic (do the best regarding the deformers applied) Not exported Static (bake the object at the first frame) Deformed (bake the vertices and the normals) Fully deformed (bake everything) Motion blur steps per object Smoothing attributes

Simply drag and drop an .abc file in Guerilla Render and start to render. Using Alembic is also a great way to assemble work done in different softwares and render everything in Guerilla Render.

Guerilla Render supports all kind of Alembic geometry, camera and animation, custom attributes...

Alembic files are referenced by the Guerilla project and by the final RIB files rendered on the render farm. The Alembic files you put in Guerilla are the final bake geometry, no more large files will be produced in the pipeline.

Guerilla Render reads OpenEXR HDR images and writes OpenEXR files with a single or multiple images in each file.
UDim textures
Guerilla texture nodes are fully compatible with the UDim texture pipeline. You can provide GBs of tiled textures files and let Guerilla Render render everything.
Renderman® shading language
Use in any shading network SLBox nodes, which uses a subset of the RSL to express shading expressions. No need to learn a new shading language.
Particle point cache
Render all point cache file formats, (abc, bgeo, bin..) with any shape (points, streaks, blobbies, spheres, sprites..). Introduce a dedicacted Particle shader.

Guerilla Render internally uses RIB files to send the jobs on the render farm. Render Wranglers can inspect those files and modify them. You can also render custom RIB files in Guerilla.

Custom RIB files can be rendered using the RIBBox or a RunProgram procedural. The RIBBox will simply reads a RIB file, the RunProgram procedural executes a user process (like a python script) and renders the standard output as RIB commands.

Guerilla Render supports ASCII, binary and compressed RIB.

Geometry DSO

Guerilla Render directly uses some binary DSO built for other Renderman® compliant renderers, for example the Massive®, Golem® and Yeti® technologies* .

* This feature is available for some specific plateforms and DSO revisions. Contact us for more details.