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Guerilla Render comes with a library of hundreds of nodes. Materials, lights, environments, sub-shaders, shading nodes, procedurals, render passes...

The materials include a surface shader, a curve shader, a displacement shader and some utility shaders.

Many lights are included, like square lights, sphere lights, lights with cone, frustum or tube attenuation.

The library includes three type of environment, HDR Image, gradient or physical sky.

The sub-shaders include textures, bevel normal, bump normal, normal maps, noises, voronoi patterns...

Create your own nodes, extend the library and share it on the production floor.

Hair Procedural

Using the same procedural, Guerilla Render can interpolate and multiply curves on a surface. Import a thousand of simulated/groomed hair guides in Guerilla Render and multiply them to millions at rendertime.

The duplication can be controlled using textures or shader expressions.

More procedurals

Fill nurbs tubes with hairs, instanciate objects on surfaces or on particle points.

Renderfarm Pipeline

Guerilla Render directly communicates with your renderfarm manager. It generates the jobs and submits them on the farm, with a single click.

A render job can be distributed between multiple computers.

Using our Coalition manager, you can setup a renderfarm in few hours.