A normal map to normal.

This node is used to perform conversion from normal map to a normal, and is used as input to the various Normal inputs of the Surface material. An example of use for this node is a normal map to bind to the DiffuseNormal parameter of the Surface material. This node is preset with a linear gamma.

This node is compatible with udim textures, but will need you to specify manually the position of the udim index in the bitmap file name. For instance, 'c:/my/udim_texture_1001.tiff' should be replaced with 'c:/my/udim_texture_%d.tiff'.

A normal map The NormalMap Amount set to 0.25, O.5 and 1.0

Use the 'Amount' parameter to control the amount of bump

Use the Misc > InvertX/Y/Z attributes to invert the normal map axis.

Rotate, scale, translate

Use the 'Coordinates' tab to offset, scale or rotate the texture over the surface.

Use an image sequence

You can directly use the '$f' specifier in the texture file name. For instance, c:/my/animated_texture_$03f.tiff assumes a 3-digits frame number.

Alternatively, you can use the 'Image Sequence' tab. In that case, you must use '%d' syntax, as for udims. for instance, 'c:/my/udim_texture_%d_%03d.tiff' to use a udim-texture with 3-digits frame numbering.

Regarding your geometry, you may have to flip the X or Y axis to retrieve the correct normal. To do that, use the NormalMap > Misc > InvertX/Y attributes.