A voxel lookup node. This sub-shader is used to get a value from a voxel, like density, temprature etc.. In general, this sub-shader drives the Volume shader attributes.

See User Guide/Volumes/Rendering Voxels


The channel attribute is the name of the value to get from the voxel. Maya fluids presets are "color", "coordinates", "density", "fallof", "fuel", "pressure", "temperature", "velocity". OpenVDB fluids may have different channels, but "density" and "temperature" are commonly used.


The default color returned if ouside of the voxel or if the voxel is empty.


The lookup filtering method. "nearest" will render a Minecraft® like voxel. "linear" will do a tri-linear interpolation which is sharp and fast. "cubic" will perform a tri-cubic lookup which is smooth and slow.


The Range attributes control how to remap the voxel values to another range of values. InMin/InMax define the original voxel range of values. OutMin/OutMax define the final range of values.